Hot Tubs

General Electrical Guidelines for Hot Tub Installations (Mar. 12)

We are very familiar with most manufacturers and can often identify the size and configuration of the tub by the model number.  The most important installation information is the 'Full Load Amps'.

We have installed hundreds of tubs and we prefer to see the tub on site before installing the wiring so we know the exact size and configuration of the tub we are installing.

All hot tubs require a Certificate of Inspection from ESA to be considered safe and to be compliant with your insurance company and manufacturer's warranty.

Electrical installations, therefore, should be done by a qualified, provincially licensed electrical contractor (under the direction of a Master Electrician) and the ESA inspector must physically inspect and issue a certificate for each installation (per code rules).

Unfortunately, many tubs are wired inappropriately by friends, industrial electricians, or neighbours who are not aware of code rules that protect the owners from electrical shock hazards or from premature equipment failure.  It is imperative to your safety that all safeguards are put in place before the hot tub is used for the first time.

The following are some of the code requirements:

  • The tub assembly must be built and approved for Canada, i.e. CSA, ETL, UL, etc. sticker with Canadian modification. (A tub built in the USA for US use is not compliant with a Canadian ESA inspection.)
  • Ground fault protection from a source beyond 3 meters is mandatory and must be sized appropriately for each configuration of tub.
  • No electrical device (120v or above) is to be located within 1.5 meters of the tub sides
  • Any electrical device within 1.5 to 3 meters is to be ground fault protected from a remote source. That means: an air conditioner, receptacle, porch light, lamp post, must be ground fault protected remotely. Low voltage lighting is permitted within the 1.5 meter perimeter.
  • It is recommended to install a lockable safety disconnect within line of sight but not closer than 1.5 meters.
  • All underground power cables are to be a minimum of 18” deep and we do not recommend conduit for connection to the tub as it usually breaks away over time (Tech cable and liquid tight connectors are recommended).

We are also available for electrical troubleshooting, post installation and post warranty.

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