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Want a private resort in your own backyard?

Installing a hot tub, spa or pool can provide hours of enjoyment – but only if the electrical servicing is done correctly. When the electrical wiring is completed by anyone other than a licensed and insured electrician, the combination of water and electricity can be disastrous.

Proper Amperage for Your Pool, Spa or Hot Tub is Important

The amount of amperage differs greatly depending on the size of your pool, spa or hot tub, physical site parameters and the type of equipment you’re using (heaters, pumps, lights, etc.).

Sometimes, certain pools or hot tubs require a higher amperage than your home’s current electrical service can provide. When that’s the case, we can complete an electrical service upgrade so that your new pool or hot tub is provided with the proper amount of energy.

The best time to run conduit is prior to the concrete pour, so be sure to contact us as early on in the process as possible. Like our other services, we complete a free, in-home estimate prior to beginning our work.

Private Pool Lighting
Professional, Affordable and Safe Electrical Hookups

When you hire us to wire your hot tub, spa or pool, we’ll ensure that all Electrical Code requirements are met.

We will carefully install and inspect underground wiring, voltage and amp power and ground-fault interrupter devices so that you never have to worry. A proper ground is key when installing a new pool, hot tub or spa – it ensures that electrocution is avoided in the event of a short circuit.

All of our installations come with an Electrical Safety Authority Inspection Certificate and meet the pool, hot tub or spa manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll verify that all of the proper electrical equipment, components and wiring are used so that you can fully enjoy your new backyard oasis.

Peace of Mind Pool, Spa or Hot Tub Hookups

Each pool, spa or hot tub that we wire is unique – but the way we complete our wiring is not. High quality, safe electrical service is what we provide for each hot tub, spa and pool wiring job we complete. 

Our team of electricians provides hot tub, pool and spa electrical wiring and installation in Brantford, Cambridge, Hamilton, Burlington and the surrounding areas. Call us for a free estimate today!


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