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We know that every home, business or farm’s energy needs are different. But what remains the same is the desire for energy conservation.

It’s no surprise why: investing in energy efficient lighting technology can reduce energy costs by 20 - 30 percent while enhancing lighting quality. An improvement in safety levels and an increase in property value are also achieved.

Even better? The positive effects of energy efficiency on the environment! When energy resources are preserved, a cleaner environment is created for everyone.


Our Lighting Retrofitting Service

Knowing where your home, business or farm is currently at with its energy efficiency is important – it provides us with a benchmark of where to begin our lighting retrofitting service.


That’s why we always start with a detailed assessment of your specific space and its current electrical capacity.

From there, we can make suggestions regarding what should be retrofitted to increase your home’s, farm’s or business’ energy efficiency. We’ll review applicable government grants that can reduce your installation expenses and determine how much it will cost to complete a lighting retrofitting service.

Ready to go ahead? We’ll confidently install the latest lighting technology for your residential, commercial or farm property and ensure it’s working properly.

The only thing for you to do throughout the process? Sit back and wait for the energy savings to start rolling in!

Take Advantage of Energy-Efficient Lighting Grants

If saving on your energy costs wasn’t enough to complete energy efficient lighting retrofitting, you know what is?

Not paying full price for energy efficient lighting solutions!

Depending on the unique needs of your home, farm or business, there may be government grants available to reduce the cost of completing your energy upgrade. If any apply to your particular project, we’ll be sure to discuss them with you during your lighting retrofitting service.

Start Saving on Your Utility Costs Today!  

When you complete energy efficient lighting retrofitting, you don’t need to wait to see positive results. In fact, you can expect to see energy improvements immediately following our installation process.

Experience better lighting throughout your home, farm or business all at the same time knowing that you are reducing your energy expenses and contributing to a cleaner environment.

The bottom line? Completing an energy efficient lighting retrofit is one of the best investments you can make for your home, farm or business.

Let our expert electrician team complete an energy efficient lighting retrofit at your Burlington, Hamilton, Cambridge and surrounding area home, farm or business! Call us today for a free estimate.


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