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If your home or commercial business has an older electrical panel, it’s time for an upgrade.

Not only are older panels difficult (or impossible) to insure, but they have insufficient room to add circuits or specialty breakers such as GFCI or AFCI.

Plus, some of the older panels are too small or replacement parts are too expensive.

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Common Reasons for Panel Upgrades

When circuits are continuously blowing, causing a potential fire hazard


To prevent major corrosion and keep the breakers in good working order, a panel replacement is recommended after 20 – 25 years​


Having a new, upgraded electrical panel is a selling feature


An addition will require additional space for new electrical circuits​


Damage from damp basements and water create corrosion in a panel​


A higher voltage outlet will significantly reduce an electric car's charging time

Getting the Right Panel for Your Home or Business

An electrical panel has an important role to play: it distributes the primary source of power to the branch circuits located throughout a home or building.

It also keeps all of the inhabitants and contents safe.

If a circuit faces a demand of too much electricity, a breaker is tripped in the panel to prevent electricity from overloading the wiring. But if a panel is malfunctioning or defective, the breakers will either trip regularly or fail to trip, possibly resulting in someone getting shocked.

A breaker that fails to trip can also lead to smoke and melted wires – and even fires.

Sometimes, a panel upgrade is completed as part of a service upgrade whereas other times it can be completed on its own.


Electrical Panel Upgrades with Minimal Downtime

We realize how important power is to your home or business. That’s why we complete your panel upgrade as efficiently as possible, resulting in minimal disruption.

Our electrical panel upgrade services are done with quality and care in mind. By partnering with suppliers that offer only the best panels available, we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed with your new panel.

We make things as easy as possible for you by handling everything involved in your panel upgrade. From completing the appropriate ESA permit and paperwork to scheduling appointments with your utility company, we’ve got your electrical panel upgrade covered!

Contact us today to learn more about the electrical panel upgrade services we provide to homes and businesses throughout Burlington, Hamilton and Brantford.


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