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The last time that the power went out at your home, farm or business, were you prepared, or were you left in the dark?

A stand-by generator is the best way to provide safety and comfort during a power interruption. Since it can detect when the power goes out, the generator will start operating within seconds of a power outage. Once the power resumes, the system will power itself off on its own.

No longer will you need to worry about home appliances, HVAC systems, farming operations, sump pumps and more when there is a power outage!


Groves Electric is a Generac Dealer and certified Generac service technician.


An Intelligent System You Can Rely On

Stand-by generators are becoming more and more popular – and for good reason.

Powered by natural gas or propane, standby generators are powerful enough to provide backup electrical power to anything you want at your home, business or farm including HVAC systems, security systems and household appliances.


Stand-by generators are especially useful for family members requiring electric-powered medical equipment, families with small children and for anyone operating a home-based business.

Because the standby generator automatically runs weekly self-tests, you can rest assured knowing that it will operate effectively whenever it’s needed.

Quality, Safe Generator Installations

Our fully licensed and insured electricians are experienced with installing all types of generators.

We will determine the generator capacity that your specific household’s needs require and will ensure it’s installed properly and safely. We’ll also take care of any permits and inspections required.

All of the standby generators we install operate quietly and take up minimal room. Installed permanently on a concrete pad, they have a large capacity and can provide a reliable source of power for days. When local power resumes following an outage, the installed transfer switch acts as a safety mechanism. This prevents the back-feeding of electricity to the grid, thereby eliminating safety concerns.

Each generator’s load capacity is different. We suggest that you never operate it at more than 75 percent of its rated capacity.

Trust Our Qualified, Licensed Electricians

Besides the automatic weekly self-tests, your standby generator should be regularly inspected by a certified electrician. Servicing is especially crucial after the unit has been used for a minimum of 24 hours, when the engine oil and filter will need replacing. During a servicing, we’ll also inspect the motor brushes and complete any necessary replacements.

When taken care of properly, a standby generator can last you many years!

Let us show you the reliability that a standby generator can provide for your home, farm or commercial business! Call our Burlington, Cambridge and Brantford electrician team today for a free estimate.


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