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Air conditioners, TV’s, computers, smart home devices and more all have one thing in common: their requirement for a large amount of power.

This increased demand is what’s causing many homeowners to receive an electrical service upgrade, which involves upgrading an electrical panel, meter socket, wiring and grounding system.

Have plans for renovating an appliance-heavy kitchen? Installing a pool or hot tub? Need extra outlets? Now’s a good time to upgrade your electrical service, too.

Common Reasons for Service Upgrades
Flickering lights
Melting electrical wires
Tipping breakers
Overheated circuit breakers
Blown fuses
Non-grounded outlets
Appliance usage limitations
Lack of additional breaker spaces in your existing panel

The best way to know whether a service upgrade is needed is to contact a qualified electrician.

Free Service Upgrade Estimates

When we come to your home to complete an estimate, we’ll do a load calculation and discuss your reasons for upgrading. We’ll then be better equipped to quote you on a suitable electrical service upgrade.

The most common amp service in homes is 200-amps, although in some circumstances we may recommend you get a 125-amp service.

Fast, Convenient and Safe Electrical Service Upgrades

When you choose us as your Hamilton, Brantford or Burlington electrician, we’ll have your 125-200-amp service upgrades done in no time at all.

On the day we complete your electrical service upgrade, the power to your home will be cut while we work as quickly as possible. We’ll run new line to your home, rebuild your panel and complete any updates or upgrades required inside your home.

Prior to being allowed to turn the power back on, a utility inspector will have to come by to ensure everything is up to code. But you don’t have to worry about that, either: we even handle all of the arrangements with utilities and inspectors!


Protect the Value of Your Home

Are you confident that your home can handle all of your household’s electric needs? Our team of qualified electricians service Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate on a 125-200-amp service upgrade.


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