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Lighting is one of the most important design elements in a home or business and should never be overlooked.

Think about when you work in your kitchen. Do you have adequate lighting to prepare dinner, assemble school lunches and put away dishes?

The same goes for your basement – does the space feel welcoming and comfortable, or cold and uninviting? By nature, basements’ lack of natural light means that artificial lighting choices are especially important in this room.

Having a suitable amount of light located in the proper locations can make a room so much easier to use. Consider the type of ambiance you want created when you enter rooms throughout your home or business. The proper lighting can help make that happen!

Dining Room Light
Kitchen lighting

Overall illumination of a space is provided by general lighting, normally located in the ceiling. Pot lights are one of the most popular options homeowners use today to add an extra touch to a room.

Task lighting

Looking for a way to bring more warmth into a space? Ambient lighting is a great way to soften hard surfaces and angular lines. Pendants, chandeliers, lamps and dimmable lights can all provide ambient lighting throughout a home. Although most often used in living and dining rooms, this soft, pleasant light looks great in any room.

Desk Lighting

Task lighting is crucial for workspaces where visual details are key. Kitchens, home offices, craft rooms and bathrooms all benefit from having flooded work surface lighting. When done properly, shadows or glares can be eliminated.

Bedroom light installation

Also known as low level lighting, decorative lighting is used to create a cozy atmosphere or highlight a special feature. Great for watching television, this type of lighting can be achieved by turning the dimmer down or by using strategically located lamps.

The Right Lighting is Crucial in Your Home

Lighting is so much more than providing illumination within a space. When well-designed, it can affect our moods, performance and even mental health. That’s why having the proper lighting throughout your home or business is key!

From relocating current light fixtures to providing a complete lighting solution, we can help! Our electricians are well-versed in knowing the most strategic locations for lighting that will meet your space’s needs.

Rest assured that the lighting we install at your home or business will meet not only electrical standards – but your high standards, too!

Contact us today to learn more about lighting installations our electricians provide throughout Burlington, Cambridge, Brantford and everywhere in-between.


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