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Outdoor lighting does so much more than beautify a space: it adds security, enhances curb appeal and increases property value. However, that’s only possible if you choose a qualified, insured electrician who’s experienced with outdoor lighting.

At Groves Electric, our team of highly trained electricians are experts when it comes to installing landscape and security lighting. And we make it all happen with minimal disruption to your property’s current landscaping!

Landscape and security lighting
Lanscape Lighting Hamilton

Regardless of your yard’s size, shape or elevation, there’s landscape lighting available that will add a beautiful accent.


Offered in a range of types and styles, Groves Electric can work with you to choose the proper outdoor lighting for your needs, including:

  • Pathway Lights

  • Deck and Patio Lights

  • Ground/Well Lights

  • Tree and Bush Landscape Lighting

  • Spot Lights and Floodlights

  • Post Cap Lights


The proper landscape lighting provides a wonderful nighttime ambiance for entertaining family and friends. 

Pool Lighting Burlington

Enjoy your pool regardless of the time of day with the addition of above-ground and underwater lighting fixtures! 

The proper pool lighting creates the perfect environment to enjoy a moonlit swim while also enhancing the nighttime appeal of your backyard. Choose from halogen, incandescent or LED options to provide practical or colourful lighting. No longer are you limited to enjoying your pool during the day only!

Want to highlight your pond after dark? Have our team install submersible LEDs or spot lights to illuminate the water.

Security Lighting Burlington

Outdoor motion detection lighting activates when humans or animals are detected on your property. This can prevent vandalism, burglaries and other crime from happening. It can also make doorways, steps and paths easier and safer to navigate in the dark. Since they have an automatic timer, this type of lighting is also energy efficient and worry-free, turning off automatically.

Most of the outdoor lights we install are LED, the best for providing long-lasting, dependable lighting. We can help you decide on the best locations for your security lighting so that you and your family are provided with maximum coverage.

Groves Electric – Experts in Outdoor Living Lighting

Transforming your yard into a beautiful, safe private oasis is easily accomplished with the proper outdoor lighting! By listening to your needs, we will help you decide on the best outdoor lighting for your property.


Contact our Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford and Cambridge electrician team today for more information about installing, maintaining and repairing landscape and security lighting.


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